How to Hack Facebook Account online in 2017 using Z Shadow

There are thousands of methods are posted and available online for everyone to hack Facebook accounts. I have also posted many articles on different ways to hack Facebook account online. In other methods, most of them are online. In my experience, most of the methods to hack Facebook account online that I have personally tested and used are fake and don’t work for me (I hate all that methods).

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Maybe that methods working for others but they didn’t work for me. The method that I have been posting today is very easy and simple. I never see any method very easy and simple instead of this method that I am posting today. I never got success to hack Facebook account online by copying and pasting the profile link of the victim or the email of the victim, but the method (to hack Facebook account online) today I am sharing is very simple and easy. The child of 10 years also hack Facebook account online by using this method. I am sure that after you read the full method you will be able to hack anyone’s Facebook account easily. So, Let’s Start.

How to Hack Facebook Account Online Using Z Shadow:

Today, the method that I am sharing with you is one of the most Popular methods to hack Facebook account online is phishing Method. If you don’t have any technical info and knowledge to create and setup your own fake Facebook page by using your domain and hosting, then you have to use z shadow.

If you don’t have any info and knowledge about z shadow then let me explain to you what is z shadow, how z shadow works and how to hack Facebook account online by using z shadow.

What is z-shadow?

Z-shadow is a phishing website that is specially designed for Hacking Facebook and other Social media sites like Facebook, Gmail, Google+, Twitter and many other social media sites.

What have you to do? You just have to create and account on z-shadow. Creating an account on z-shadow is totally free and very easy and simple. After creating an account on z-shadow you have to copy the URL of the site which your victim uses for example if you want to hack Facebook profile or then you just have to copy the link of the fake profile or page.

Are you worried about account Suspension or ban? No worry the z shadow is specially made for hacking by phishing attacks. After that just simply copy the fake page link from z shadow and send it to your victim and also remember that Facebook will not block the fake link of Z-shadow because it is the specialty of Z-Shadow.

Disclaimer: My dear visitors and readers this post is just for knowledge and educational Purpose so please do not use this method to hack into someone’s account. Hacking is an illegal activity and I really depreciate Hacking. I will not be responsible for any legal activity due to hacking. It is totally on you that how you use this method. Just do it for fun with friends.

To Hack Facebook account using Z-shadow Just follow the Below Steps

To make this method more easy and understandable we break this post into steps so you guys can easily understand the whole process.

  1. Open your favorite browser. My favorite browser is Google Chrome. I love to use google chrome browser it is full of cool and awesome features. After opening the browser just type Z-shadow in the Google and open z-shadow.co or Simply Click here.
  2. After opening the z-shadow.co just simply click on Sign Up Button in z-shadow.co
  3. Now Completely fill out the registration form, after filling the registration form completely just click on Sign Up button located bottom of the registration form. Congratulations! now you are successfully registered on z-shadow.
  4. After successful registration of your account in z-shadow then a new page will open. before that, you just select any service and copy any of the links.
  5. After Copying that link sends that to your friends or your victims. You can send this link via Facebook chat also.
  6. Here is the secret formula to finding victims. Just simply add 1000+ followers in your account. You can also select according to your desire.
  7. When the victim will click on the fake link a new fake page will be opened which will look like Facebook and it says to the victim that your login time expired please login again. Then it asks for email and password from the victim.
  8. When the victim enters his/her login details it will be saved in our z shadow account and the error box will appear to the victim that there is a problem with Facebook please try again after some time.

How to see the saved Passwords in Z-shadow

To see get the saved passwords in Z-shadow simply just follow the below steps.

  1. Login to your Z-Shadow account that we created in the start of our hacking process.
  2. After Successful Login to your Z-shadow account simply just click on “My Victims” tab located at the main menu of your Z-shadow account.

Congratulations! Now you have all the passwords and emails detail on this page. You can see all login details of your victim’s account. Before you guys quit this post, I want to say that friends if you need any kind of help from me about this post then feel free to ask any question from me I will very happy to answer your questions. You can ask your question by just commenting on this post or just use my Contact Us Form. I am 24 hours available and ready to help you so never hesitate to ask any question.

My dear readers if you like my post and my efforts and want to do something special for me then please share this informative and useful article with your friends on your favorite social sites like Facebook, Google+, WhatsApp groups and other social networks that you like most. It will be the greatest support for me. Thank you so much friends for reading this article. Want to read more stuff like this? Then see our Home Page our web is full of tricks and tips for you.

Ahmed Ali

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